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Program and Project Management

We offer a complete range of scalable project management services delivered by certified, experienced professionals.

Thinking of undertaking an ERP project?
Our readiness assessment services ensure all of the elements are in place before you procure software and an implementation partner. ERP projects are complex. We help you adopt a risk-based approach that is sustainable throughout the lifecycle of your implementation project. Once your team is prepared to launch, we can step aside or provide guidance throughout your journey. Either way, your success is our end goal.

Are you in the midst of a project that is heading for failure?
Sometimes you just need an experienced fresh perspective to get back on track. Our project rescue services can provide you with an independent evaluation and go-forward plan, as well as project management to see you through to completion.

Looking to elevate your internal project management staff?
We offer a full curriculum of on-line and classroom-based project management training. Many of our courses can be tailored to your specific needs. Visit our Learn How page to explore what we offer.

Business Process Refinement

Looking to improve your back office or service operations?

SixSigma, Lean Thinking, and Value Stream Mapping, are not just for manufacturing operations.  Our experienced team can build a process improvement curriculum tailored to your goals. We can mentor and coach you through the process with your own internal team, or we can provide and lead an independent team. Either way, your success is our end goal.

Whether building a custom application or implementing systems such as CRM or ERP, a key step in the process is defining your functional requirements and mapping them to your business processes. The approach used for defining requirements can make or break the success of the project. Our experienced professionals can lead you through this process and map your path to success.

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